"I try to be more aware of the “here and now” and I try to breathe and think things through"

"Yoga makes me feel good and helps me to use muscles that were not being utilized to their full potential at this stage in my life. "

" The experience was one of awakening my mind to the relationship of the body and spirit. "

"The yoga series helps me to use the breathing exercise to keep from saying bad or negative comments. "

The best part of  yoga is taking time out of my day just to work on clearing my head.

" Yoga provides me a way to relax and center. I know there will be a lot of stressful situations out there and I'm so thankful for what I've learned and gained here in yoga class. "

"Love the yoga program and recommend it to all ladies at Lakin Correctional Center. It's a powerful program - life changing. "

" Meditation helps me connect to my spiritual center. "

" I seem to be more relaxed and feel less stress but when stress happens, I'm a lot quicker to just breathe and collect myself."

" This yoga series has helped me handle stress better. I do not react as quick to the triggers of stress. "

"The best part of yoga is learning to connect with self."

Feedback  from Participants

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"Physically I can do more.  Emotionally I deal with problems at a different level now."

" This class has allowed me to be able to deal with prison life mentally better than I could before. "

" It’s made my legs stronger after having two knee reconstructions and helped improve balance. "

" When I meditate I feel an inner connection to my true self that brings me peace. "

"I take time to think before I react.  I give myself that “pause” before moving forward."

"I thought yoga was just going to be a lot of stretching but it is so much more than that if you want it to be.  It has really helped me center myself back to who I really am through the meditation."