Donor of Spirit - $1000 & above

Donor of Insight - $750 to $999

Donor of Expression - $500 to $749

Donor of Compassion - $250 to $499

Donor of Confidence - $125 to $249

Donor of Flexibility - $75 to $124

Donor of Vitality - $25 to $74

Donor of Intrigue - under $25

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Thank you! As of February 2018, Laotong Yoga distributed all $7,500 in NIP CREDITS to donors who contributed $500 or more for 2017-2018!!!

Laotong Yoga will apply for NIP credits in the Sep18-Jun19 fiscal year cycle.

Stay tuned!

West Virginia offers a tax credit under the heading of “Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP)."

Fifty percent (50%) of a $500 donation or more made to Laotong Yoga can be claimed as a tax credit on WV income tax returns for business or personal taxes.

Credits are issued to donors on a first come first serve basis. Check can be sent to:

Laotong Yoga, Inc.

PO Box 406

Charleston, WV 25322

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$25/12 Campaign

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Payment Options

If you prefer, send a check to

Laotong Yoga
PO Box 406
, Charleston, WV  25322.
Be sure to include your email address.
Donations are tax-deductible according to the law.

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