The mission of Laotong Yoga is dedicated to improving individual health and wellness through the inquiry of movement (yoga) and stillness (meditation) in ways that deepen inner connections to self, others, and the world.

The purpose of Laotong Yoga is to offer workshops, classes, and opportunities that:

 - improve flexibility

 - increase strength

 - promote healing

 - inspire change

 - encourage resilience

 - instill mindfulness

 - reduce stress

 - improve health

 - maintain integrity

 - cultivate compassion

老同Laotong Yoga is rooted in the belief that all beings are  connected through energies of deep awareness, great compassion, and expansive love.

Laotong Yoga envisions a community of people whose awareness of life and connection to others promotes peace, wellness, justice,and  compassion.

Laotong Yoga received a WV NIP award of $7,500!

A $500 donation or more made to Laotong Yoga can be claimed as a tax credit on WV income tax returns for business or personal taxes. Credits are issued to donors on a first come first serve basis. Checks can be sent to:
Laotong Yoga, Inc.
PO Box 406
Charleston, WV 25322

Regardless of one's past and uncertain of one's future, Laotong Yoga roots its work in the present and welcomes all as kindred spirits.

老同Laotong Yoga refuses to identify people by their failure or success, weakness or strength, oppression or privilege, or by the choices made in the course of living.

P.O. Box 406 Charleston, WV 25322     Phone: 304-595-0742       email: info@laotongyoga.org

video created by Mike Youngren

老同The meaning of 'laotong' is drawn from Chinese culture where two young girls were bonded together for eternity as kindred sisters.